Dreoax 「ドレオアクス」


Classification: Drax

Etymology: Basically meaning "Eastern Drax"

Habitats: Subtropical

Other Variations: Drax, Draquax

Home World: Planet Riegs

Weight: Varies between 90-155kg / 198-341lbs

Height: Varies between 130-180cm / 4,2-5,9ft

Dreoax's Rune symbol

Differences: Yellow-Orange toned scales and Blue Eyes.

Anatomy: Wings completelly missing.
Two pair of whiskers located beneath the nostrils in averge size 20-30cm(7,8-11,8in).
"Hair" created by needle-like scales creates fur and a mane in two colorizations, red and green toned.
The tail is ended with a buschy tuft.

Diet: Mostly Herbivore, but not limited.

Dreoax Character Sheet