Riona Ryuufune 「竜婦音リオナ」

Riona Ryuufune

Gender: Female ♀

Age: 25

Species: Drax

Name Meaning: 竜 (ryuu) – Dragon
婦 (fu) – Women/Female
音 (ne) – Sound
リオナ (riona) – Her name

Birth: 1. July

Weight: 100kg / 220lbs

Height: 200cm / 6,6ft

Riona Ryuufune's Rune symbol

Character: Riona Ryufune is caring and very serious, but can be also very cheerful.

Model: A7/71

Type: FURloid / ANIMAloid / UTAUloid

Likes: Friends, Singing, Dancing, ...

Dislikes: Spiders, Bad People, ...

Zodiac: ♋ Cancer

Character Item: N/A

Sexuality: Straight

Riona Ryuufune Character Sheet