Hexas Dis 「ヘックサス・ディス」

Hexas Dis

Classification: Hexas

Etymology: Basically meaning "Spot Hexas"

Habitats: Water

Other Variations: Hexas Gris, Hexas Umis

Home World: Planet Hydor

Weight: Varies between 65-130kg / 143-286lbs

Height: Varies between 130-180cm / 4,2-5,9ft

Hexas Dis' Rune symbol

Differences: White to Green toned skin with Spots, Stripes or both.

Anatomy: Body is fully or partly covered with Spots, Stripes or both, vary on each individual.
Lightly larger tail than Gris and wider mouth.
Fins on the waists.
Four pairs of brachia.

Diet: Mainly Herbivore.

Hexas Dis Character Sheet