Ravus 「ラヴス」


Gender: Male ♂

Origin Character: Drayo

Origin Species: Drax

Affilitated Characters: Luminar & Nigror

Name meaing: Ravus in meaning is Shadow.

Weight: 150kg / 330lbs

Height: 200cm / 6,6ft

Ravus' Rune symbol

Character: Ravus is the result of fusioning Luminar and Nigror. By accepting the powers of both into one and is ment to be a neutrality between Luminar and Nigror

Energy Spectrum: Neutral

Abilities: Agitated speed, Teleportation, Time Manipulation, Almost indestructible, High Strenght.

Weapon: Ravus don't uses any weapons.

Sexuality: Unspecified (Homosexual prefer)

Ravus Character Sheet