Deon Dainine 「第二音デオン」

Deon Dainine

Gender: Male ♂

Age: 24

Species: Lyxan

Name Meaning: デオン (deon) – his name Deon
第二 (daini) – second; 音 (ne) – sound
Second sound Deon

Birth: 2. February

Weight: 75kg / 165lbs

Height: 175cm / 5,7ft

Deon Dainine's Rune symbol

Character: Deon Dainine is bit of clumsy and childish, sweethearted to close firends. Playing stupid even been fairly inteligent.

Model: DD-2

Type: FURloid / ANIMAloid / UTAUloid

Likes: Dragons, Singing, Dancing, ...

Dislikes: Bugs, Spiders, Darkness, ...

Zodiac: ♒ Aquarius

Character Item: Crystal Orb

Sexuality: Homosexual

Deon Dainine Character Sheet