Luciya 「ルスィーヤ」


Gender: Female ♀

Age: 20

Species: Hum

Home World: Planet Orbis

Birth: 22. April

Weight: 60kg / 132lbs

Height: 157cm / 5,2ft

luciya's Rune symbol

Character: Luciya is charming, serious and sophisticated. Expertly teached in using swords, shields, bows and crossbows so she uses those skills in justice of the weaker and helpless. Partly denying her royal status as willing to gain more freedom in her actions.

Likes: Jusice, ...

Dislikes: Injustice, ...

Zodiac: ♉ Taurus

Weapon: Sword, Shield, Bow, Crossbow

Sexuality: Straight

Luciya Character Sheet