Hexas Umis 「ヘックサス・ウミス」

Hexas Umis

Classification: Hexas

Etymology: Basically meaning "Catfish Hexas"

Habitats: Water

Other Variations: Hexas Gris, Hexas Dis

Home World: Planet Hydor

Weight: Varies between 50-120kg / 110-264lbs

Height: Varies between 130-170cm / 4,2-5,5ft

Hexas Umis' Rune symbol

Differences: Orange toned skin with whiskers.

Anatomy: Two pairs of whiskers, longer varies between 10-15cm (3,9-5,9in), short varies between 5-10cm (1,9-3,9in).
Capable of partial Night-vision in enviroments with lack of sunlight.
Five pairs of brachia.

Diet: Mainly Piscivorous and Herbivore, but not restrict to Carnivore.

Hexas Umis Character Sheet